M13 - Hercules Globular Cluster

So I had stopped photographing the skies for some months. I was not getting to a point of clicking any photos, let alone getting good ones. I simply couldn't set up the gear properly. Astrophotography is highly technical requiring complex and sensitive equipment and some very quaint softwares which seem like they were made in late 90s. For every imaging session, it takes me about an hour of setup time. It takes me another 2 hours or for image capture. I have no idea how the image is going to come out until the next day when I process it. I was procrastinating for a very long time since I knew I was going to make a mistake and botch up the setup, leading to no images.
Hercules Globular Cluster, is a globular cluster of several hundred thousand stars in the constellation of Hercules. Hercules cluster is 25,890 light years away and contains an estimated 300,000 individual stars. Carl Sagan and Frank Drake sent a message to the Hercules Cluster using the Arecibo Radio Telescope in 1974. So, if all go well, we should hear back in 50,000 years.